Cory Wadson

Owner, Wadsons Hot Rods
The master of everything, head of the shop Cory Wadson. Cory has been around Hot Rods since he was young and quickly fell in love. Originally Cory worked at a printing press but once the shop moved into the city he too came with it. Ever since taking it over in 2014 Cory has been running the show and thriving.

Noel Wadson

Wadsons Hot Rods
Wayne's younger son who has soaked up all his fathers knowledge and then some. Noel has been working with hot rods since he was young and as he got older took up the life of being a pastor. Nowadays Noel is the pastor for Victory Church St. Albert and works for the shop when he's not busy with the church.

Dakota Wadson

Front end management, Wadsons Hot Rods
Cory's son, a big techie that loves computers and has a deep love for cars as he has grown up along side hot rods his entire life. Whether it was going to visit dad, uncle, and grandpa at the shop or travelling down to Spokane every summer for the Rod Runs, Dakota loved to hear the loud and cool cars. Nowadays, Dakota runs the front end of the shop so he's the one you'll talk to if you phone the shop!

Tyler Cheyne

Fabricator, Wadsons Hot Rods

Justin Talanchuk

Fabricator, Wadsons Hot Rods

Mohammed Elsadig

Fabricator, Wadsons Hot Rods
Wheeler dealer drag racing car

Wayne Wadson

The OG, Wadsons Hot Rod Parts
The man behind it all, the starter of everything. Wayne founded Wadsons in 1979 after working for CFRN and co-owning the Wheeler Dealer Speed shop. Wayne always had an affinity for hot rods and spent all of his spare time wheeling and dealing so it was only right to open up Wadsons in 79. Nowadays, Wayne is retired but still comes by the shop everyday.